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Dog collar leash

Dog collar leash

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Product Type: Cotton custom bow tie
Product material: polyester and cotton cloth quilted
Product specifications: S code/M code (rope length 1.2 meters)
Product color: pink/sky blue/brown/gray/yellow (5 colors)

Suitable for all dogs

Product Description: 

Use a high-quality environmentally friendly polyester belt, fashionable cotton cloth, high-density high-quality environmentally friendly plastic buckle

 Soft and Comfort - Soft breathable texture with no hard edges or buckles to irritate skin, reduce tugging and pulling on your pet's neck and make your pet walks comfortable.
 Adjustable dog or cat collar.There are 1 adjustable buckles on the pet collar that can be adjusted according to the size of the dogs or cats.
 Please measure your pet size accurately before placing an order! Or you can measure the maximum value of your pet's neck and find the right pet Collar!  

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